Beautiful Wedding Gifts for Special Couples

Whether it is your child, your friends or other relatives that are getting married, choosing lovely wedding gifts is a big part of making the day truly special for your loved ones. A wedding day is a special time in any couple’s lives, and the unique event should be marked by a gift that is genuinely appreciated and that creates a lasting reminder of the occasion.

Although many couples today create a gift list of items that they require to set up their new home, or ask for money to go towards their honeymoon or dream vacation, many other couples prefer to receive a surprise wedding gift.

If you are looking for creative and exciting wedding gift ideas, you should consider the tastes of the couple and how you can give something that will form a lasting memento of a once in a lifetime milestone.

The History of Weddings

wedding gifts for couplesThe union of a man and a woman has been celebrated since time immemorial across all countries, religions and cultures. In the earliest days of western marriage, a ceremony was not required, and a couple merely needed to state their intention to be man and wife. If there was a ceremony, it would be a purely family affair, with often no need for any clergy to be present at all.

In America during the 1800s, a couple would generally be married in the family home rather than in a church, with very limited guests. There was no white wedding dress as the bride simply wore the better of her two day dresses, which was often black as it could be doubled for funeral wear.

It was only after 1840, when Queen Victoria demanded a white wedding dress that the color became popular among brides, and at the same time, the ceremony began to be held in churches, with a greater number of invited guests. This was the beginning of the wedding industry, and cakes, bouquets and floral arrangements rose in demand.

Today, there are all kinds of weddings held across the USA, from traditional church affairs to those held in hotels, on beaches, and even underwater! Nevertheless, one aspect that has not changed is the need to give a beautiful wedding present that the bride and groom will really appreciate.

Traditional Weddings Gifts Ideas

Traditionally, a wedding present has always been an item designed for use or adornment in the bride and groom’s new home together. The need to furnish and equip a household from scratch led to a need for all kinds of essential home items from furniture and appliances to textiles and kitchenware. The tea towel and the toaster have long been the butt of wedding jokes as these two items, more than any others, seem to have been the most popular presents given to the happy couple on the big day.

Times have now changed, and although there is still a need for tea towels and toasters, there is now more demand for meaningful gifts that will form a long-lasting reminder of this big event. Although homewares are still traditional wedding gifts, they are often presented with a twist, being personalized or otherwise given a contemporary overhaul.
Silver wedding gift for her

Give a Truly Memorable Wedding Present

The sentiment behind a wedding present should always be to demonstrate your affection and esteem for the happy couple and with the aim of providing them with a special memento of this key event.

wedding giftOne way to do this is to give a personalized wedding gift, either featuring embroidery, engraving or etching with the couple’s names and the date of their special day. There are many companies which can be found online specializing in personalized wedding and wedding anniversary gifts, and you can choose from a vast selection of textiles, glassware, vases and decorative items like acrylic blocks, all tailored to your requirements.

A wedding present should last for a lifetime, so why not give a gift that can be displayed forever as a treasure in the marital home? One such item is a glazed or gold-dipped Eternity Rose, a hand-picked and expertly crafted real rose blossom that has been preserved forever in a beautiful glaze or pure 24 karat gold coating. Presented in a sleek leather display case, this will make the ultimate in luxurious wedding gifts for a couple who really appreciate beautiful decorative items for their home.

A beautiful bespoke photographic collage of the special couple would be a perfect idea to celebrate a couple’s wedding day, comprising images from the couple’s happy times together from their first meeting to an empty space to depict their wedding day. This could be personalized even further with special quotes from friends and family members, and engraved with their names and the date as a romantic and memorable symbol of their marriage that will a talking point in their home forever.