Not so Popular Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Couples all over the world look forward to Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year, when they can show that special someone just how much they are loved and cherished. However, some couples are not content to give their loved one a traditional or standard gift to mark the occasion, taking extra time and effort to seek out something more unusual and unique that will truly express their feelings for their partner. While many people rely on the classic presents – a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates – others take pride in choosing something with a more creative twist, opting for strange Valentine’s day gift ideas. If you are looking for unexpected and special Valentine’s Day gifts for your significant other this year, you may find some inspiration here.

Give an Alternative Bouquet

cakepop bouquetEverybody knows that a bouquet of a dozen red roses is one of the most iconic Valentine’s Day gifts for her, but why not take a unique twist on this traditional idea and give your wife or girlfriend a different type of bouquet. A lady who appreciates creative, off-the-wall gifts is sure to appreciate something a little more unconventional, such as a candy bouquet, comprising all of their favourite sweets and chocolates, or an origami bouquet of paper flowers which will last forever as an enduring reminder of this special occasion. Instead of giving her a traditional single red rose, why not give a beautiful glazed blossom instead? Made by hand, each flower is a unique work of art that will last forever as an eternal reminder of this happy Valentine’s Day.

Make it Personal

Personalised gifts are always one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts to show her how much she is cared for, but while engraved jewellery or photographic gifts are a safe choice, there are plenty of other, more creative personalised gift ideas to choose from. For example, a personalised message in a bottle is the ideal way to express your deepest feelings for your true love, or what about a bespoke print outlining the story of your romance from the moment you met? This framed memento is a wonderfully meaningful and deeply personal gift from the heart that captures the essence of your love for a lifetime.

Unique Jewellery Gift Ideas

Eternity Rose GoldWhile jewellery is one of the classic Valentine’s Day gifts for your wife or girlfriend, why be bound by the traditional gold or silver options? One fantastic alternative is a necklace or pair of earrings which incorporates a pressed flower representing her birth month or perhaps a bracelet which contains sand from a beach that holds special meaning for you both. Another exciting possibility is a pendant engraved with the coordinates of a place that is important to your relationship – perhaps the location where you first met, married or went on your honeymoon.

Food and Drink Gifts

Forget the boring old box of chocolates and give her a food and drink gift that she is sure to love and which appeals to her independent and unique spirit. For ladies who love cocktails, why not present her with a set of Mixology Dice, each laser engraved with a favourite liqueur or ingredient to allow her to create exciting and unique drinks for you both to share? Or for girls who delight in decadent chocolate treats, why not surprise her with a truffle making kit which is sure to add something special to your romantic evening together?

Give her Something out of This World

cocktailsHow many times have you said you love her to the moon and back? Now, you can prove it with one of the most unusual Valentine’s Day gifts possible – an acre of the moon itself! With your “Piece of the Moon” kit, she will receive a Lunar Deed showing a unique plot number and a map showing the precise location where her land can be found. What better way to express your undying devotion? Staying with the theme, how about surprising her with a Name A Star kit? This one-of-a-kind gift christens a star on the Intergalactic Star Database with the name of your loved one, showing her just how much she lights up your life.
Whatever she appreciates most, you are sure to impress with weird Valentine’s Day gift ideas. By choosing something out of the ordinary, you are showing the thought and effort that speaks volumes about the depths of your feelings for her, and proving that you have taken the time to choose a gift that is as unique as she is.