5 Tips on Finding Those Special Gifts for Her

Are you the sort of person who stresses over buying gifts for the special woman in your life? Do you regularly spend hours awake at night fretting over what you’re going to buy them for Valentine’s Day? You might have been married for years, but the problem doesn’t get any easier. In fact it may even be a bigger burden to bear. Every year, for weeks before the event, you spend your lunch breaks searching various online gift sites, or wandering up and down the high street, or visiting the Mall. All with very little success.
You’ll be pleased to know that this year you’ve got us on hand to help you. We’ve done all the legwork for you, and narrowed your field of choice to a few, rather than in the hundreds. We also hope to help you with some helpful hints and tips on buying Valentine’s gifts for your wife or girlfriend, so you can enjoy a Valentine’s Day like no other. And start a trend that will last for years.

Tip 1… Don’t take forever thinking about it

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Because before you know it Valentine’s Day will be just around the corner, and the only options you’ve got left are a tacky box of chocolates, and posy of tired looking flowers, bought on the way home from work. Needless to say this won’t go down very well with the love of your life.

Tip 2… Don’t go with worn out Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Time to ditch the chocolates and find something much more original. Husbands and boyfriends and partners have been given their loved ones chocolates and flowers for hundreds of years. With today’s access to hundreds, if not thousands, of online gift sites there really is no excuse for falling back on this old hat idea. Think about her hobbies and what she likes doing, and use this as a base for your Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her. You could even try your creative hat on and give her something you’ve made. You might not think your crafty talents are up to much, but you can be certain that she’s going to be thrilled with anything that you’ve made.

Tip 3……….Have you heard about love languages? No, then read on!

      We came across a book written by a guy called Gary Chapman titled “The Five Love Languages”, and thought we’d share some of his pearls of wisdom regarding a woman’s love language. Decide on the language your significant other speaks and tailor your Valentine’s gift around it. Think about something you’ve done for her, or something she’s mentioned that made her happy, and also bear in mind the things that she says you’ve haven’t done. You’ll then be able to decide which is the predominant love language she bases her life on and find some of those special gifts for her. The 5 languages are:
  • Physical touch – loves kisses and cuddles
  • Quality time – prefers to spend her day with you
  • Gifts – pretty much speaks for itself
  • Acts of service – cooking dinner or washing the car
  • Words of affirmation – thoughtful words in a card

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Tip 4… It Should Appeal to her Personal Tastes

Think about where she is in her life now. What she likes, what she most appreciates and whether there are any particular things she’s been longing to do. For example the things that are important when you first got together, may not be the same if you’ve just started a family. What she might be most grateful for now would be a few hours peace and quiet, away from it all. Time to recharge her batteries and simply relax.

Tip 5… Try to Rekindle Those First Love Feelings

Remember those first love feelings you felt when you first got together? That fluttering butterflies and almost sick feeling you felt when your eyes met across a crowded room? As your relationship develops and grows the emotional chemicals released by your body will undoubtedly change. We’re not saying here that this is a bad thing……..just different. It can be described as moving from the attraction phase into the attachment phase. You’ll find that discovering ways to bring back those initial feelings of attraction will do wonders for your relationship when you’ve moved into the second phase. One way you can do this is by thinking outside of your comfort zone, and finding new things you can learn together. Also by creating some experiences you enjoy together that are unique. This Valentine’s Day take your wife or girlfriend on an adventure. Don’t tell her what you’ve planned, but give her a few clues so she can be prepared. For example, if you’re thinking about a driving experience, either 4×4 offroading, or taking a spin in a super car, it probably won’t go very well if she’s decided to wear her high heels for the day.