Why are Roses Associated With Valentine’s Day?

February 14th has long been the most romantic day of the year – a time for lovers to give and receive special Valentine’s Day gifts that show the depth of their feelings and the strength of their commitment. Today, this festival sees couples all over the world presenting each other with hearts, flowers and greetings cards, however, the origins of this day date back for centuries. The feast of St Valentine originated as a celebration of Saint Valentine from Rome who was said to have been thrown in prison for performing marriages for Roman soldiers for whom weddings had been forbidden. While he was imprisoned, the story goes that St Valentine was responsible for healing his jailer’s daughter, and before he was executed he was said to have written her a letter with the signature “Your Valentine”. It is from this legend that today’s custom of giving Valentine’s Day cards has arisen. By the time the 14th century came around, courtly love had become the latest fashion, popularised by author Geoffrey Chaucer and his circle, and it was during this era that the holiday was first linked with romance and passion, and in the 1700s, couples began to express their feelings for each other through sending Valentines and offering presents. The modern symbols of Valentine’s Day include hearts, doves and winged Cupids, while the classic presents associated with the occasion include Valentine’s Day flowers, heart shaped boxes of chocolates and diamond jewellery.
gold rose layed

The Meaning of Roses

Flowers are associated with the origins of this holiday which included many fertility rites conducted around this time of the year, with flowers representing a key symbol of new life. No blossom is more closely connected to this festival than Valentine’s Day roses, and the iconic single red rose or stunning bouquet of a dozen of these beautiful blooms are two of the most traditional gifts for her. The rose is the perfect flower to capture the essence of this romantic festival, with its delicate, pretty petals representing the fragile beauty of love and its gorgeous red shade reflecting the passion between two lovers. As long ago as the Ancient Egyptian period, the rose was recognized as a special blossom, being sacred to the goddess Isis, and the Romans and Ancient Greeks linked this elegant flower with Venus and Aphrodite, their goddesses of love. During Victorian times, the language of flowers was widely used, and couples would express their truest sentiments without the need for words by exchanging flowers that conveyed a deeper meaning. The red rose was believed to represent passionate love and romance and, while the custom of sending these eloquent non-verbal messages has fallen out of style, this flower has still retained its original meaning to this day.

Giving Valentine’s Day Roses as a Gift for Her

roses-valentines-dayAlthough the classic bouquet of red roses or traditional single red rose are still popular Valentine’s Day gifts for a wife or girlfriend, they are a very short-lived present, fading and withering within just a few days. The best Valentine’s Day gifts are those which last long beyond the day itself and which serve as an enduring testament to your undying devotion. One perfect way to combine the traditional romance of the rose with the meaningful nature of a long lasting memento is to present your loved one with a stunning gold or silver dipped rose. Each gorgeous token has been made by hand by skilled artists from genuine natural flowers, picked in their prime. In a complex process, each bloom is dipped in purest silver or 24 karat gold, preserving its splendour for all eternity before being placed in a prestigious leather display case ready to take pride of place in the recipient’s home. There can be no more impressive gift than a silver or gold dipped rose, with its lustrous sheen and magnificent beauty. Each and every flower is one of a kind, a unique work of art that will neither fade nor tarnish, but will stand the test of time. If you are struggling to think of creative Valentine’s Day gifts for the woman in your life, this special token of love is the ideal choice, perfectly expressing your heart’s truest sentiments and demonstrating the depth of your devotion. This is a gift that she can treasure forever as an enduring reminder of this special Valentine’s Day, and in the many happy years to come she will look at this radiant flower and think of you with love.