Replace Valentine’s Day Flowers With a Gold Rose!

Each February 14th, we honour St Valentine and celebrate our love for our partners and loved ones through the giving and receiving of romantic gifts, and when you think of the most iconic Valentine’s Day present, what comes into your mind first? Most people will suggest a bouquet of roses, or perhaps the traditional single red blossom, which are both classic Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Flowers have long been the gift of choice to mark this annual occasion, as they are a symbol of fertility, love, romance and marriage, perfectly reflecting the origins of this festival. Throughout history, lovers have given their significant other a floral bouquet as an unspoken message of adoration, with each type of flower holding its own particular meaning. This custom has persisted to this day, with couples presenting each other with bouquets on special occasions to demonstrate their love and commitment, and no occasion is more special for lovers than Valentine’s Day itself. The rose has been the traditional flower to represent Valentine’s Day for generations, signifying romantic love and undying passion through its vibrant colour and delicate petals.
golden rose

Give a Rose With a Difference

While no one can deny that a Valentine’s Day rose is a beautiful and meaningful gift, it can only last for a short time, fading and dying within just a few days of the event itself. If you want to really make an impression on your loved one, you are probably considering giving her a gift that is longer lasting, and which will act as an enduring token of your appreciation and esteem. So, what can you choose if you want to capture the traditional floral elements of Valentine’s Day romance in a present that will last a lifetime? A stunning gold rose from Eternity Rose is the ideal solution. Each flower has been specially chosen for its unique beauty and radiance, and plucked at the height of its perfection. It is then crafted by skilled experts over a period of three months, and dipped in pure 24 karat gold to produce a stunning one of a kind work of art that will truly stand out from the crowd. Opulent and magnificent, each rose is presented in its own prestigious leather display case and is unique in its splendour and elegance. What better way to delight the love of your life than by surprising her with such a dazzling and ornate gift?

Combine the Beauty of a Jewel With the Romance of Flowers

flowersA 24 karat gold-dipped Eternity Rose is the ideal blend of romance and opulence. Pairing the passion represented by a single red rose with the elegance of fine jewellery, every perfectly crafted flower is flawless, after going through a rigorous selection and quality control process. Furthermore, every blossom is entirely unique, standing apart as an individual and unrivalled work of art to be displayed with pride in any room of the home. The brilliance of a gold rose is unmatched by any other kind of gift, and you can be certain when you choose this romantic token for your special someone that you are giving a present that comes from the heart. Speaking volumes about your deepest sentiments, there can be no better way to express your feelings.

A Lasting Memento of a Happy Moment

happy girl with flowersA special Valentine’s Day requires a special present, and the roses from Eternity Rose are the perfect hand crafted gift. Not only are they a spectacular memento of this happy occasion, they are also a lasting reminder that will endure for a lifetime. The beauty of each individual blossom has been preserved eternally in 24 karat gold, and you can rest assured that your Valentine’s Day present will retain its lustre long into the future, always looking as mesmerising as it does on the day that it is given. Choose a gold rose for the love of your life instead of a traditional bouquet, and you can be certain that your thoughtful gift will be cherished and admired for many years to come. Whether displayed in a vase or in its own luxury case, in a display cabinet or on the mantelpiece, it is sure to form the focal point of any room, and will attract attention long after the day itself has come and gone. Guaranteed to never deteriorate or tarnish over time, a gold Eternity Rose will embody the romance of Valentine’s Day for centuries, and may even be passed on down through the generations as a valuable and cherished heirloom.