Valentine’s Day and the Perfect Jewelry Present!

As February 14th fast approaches, choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your wife is bound to be high on your agenda, and what better present to choose than a piece of beautiful jewelry that she can treasure forever? Every woman loves to receive a stunning necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings that shows just how much she is loved and cherished, but with such a wealth of different options when it comes to choosing a Valentine’s Day jewelry gift, which one should you go for? Here we look at some classic and some more unusual ideas for jewelry Valentine’s Day gifts for the woman in your life.

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

diamondsThe glamour and glitz of diamond jewelry is sure to make her Valentine’s Day special. No other gem is quite so spectacular or meaningful, and with their radiant gleam, they are a true reflection of devotion and enduring love. Perhaps one of the most traditional Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend or wife is an elegant and classic diamond solitaire necklace, set in either silver or gold for a luxurious way to celebrate this special occasion, but if she would appreciate a gift with a more contemporary flair, a Valentine’s Day jewelry present that incorporates vibrant colored diamonds in a modern and fashionable design would be a perfect choice.

The Best of Both Worlds

Why not combine two classic romantic gifts in one gorgeous present when you choose a pair of Valentine’s Day earrings from Eternity Rose? Pairing the traditional red rose with stunning jewelry, these delicate, ornate drops are made by hand from genuine, glazed, natural miniature rose petals, twinned with pure 24 karat gold and decorated with glittering synthetic diamonds to make a truly exquisite present for the lady in your life. Available in either a classic leaf or a modern diamond embellished ring design, these dazzling earrings will suit the taste of any woman. For an even more impressive gift, why not pair them with a matching synthetic diamond encrusted rose pendant and a beautiful, one of a kind, glazed natural rose, presented in a prestigious leather display case? This is a gift that will touch her heart and stand the test of time.
rose earrings pendant

Jewelry With a Personal Touch

Show that special someone how much she truly means to you with a deeply personal Valentine’s Day jewelry gift. Why not surprise her with a silver or gold locket, engraved with your names and containing a photograph of you both together? Or an entwined heart necklace, interlocking your names together in a stylish piece of jewelry that she will love to wear? Maybe your wife or girlfriend has more original tastes? Then what about a pretty pendant engraved with the coordinates of a place that holds special importance for you both – perhaps the location where you first met, your honeymoon destination, or a beloved spot where you have spent happy times with each other? Another excellent idea is a stylish pendant containing a pressed flower which represents the month of her birth. Colorful and modern, this is a gift that can be worn every day and which will bring you fondly to mind again and again over the months and years to come.

Preserving Memories Forever

One of the best things about choosing a Valentine’s Day jewelry gift for your girlfriend or wife is that your expression of love will last a lifetime, recalling you to her mind every time she takes it out of her jewelry box and wears it with pride. One way to make your present even more memorable is to choose a piece that can preserve your happiest memories, capturing all of your most precious moments in one beautiful token. A memory locket is a fillable pendant, made from glass, which allows you both to keep your fondest memories close forever. This is a present which allows you to express your individuality and creativity, combining images, keepsakes, small objects and materials that remind you of key points in your life together. This is a gift that keeps on giving, as she can update the contents with each important occasion you share, forming an ongoing memento of joyful times.
No matter whether you give her something modern or something classical, when you choose a beautiful jewelry Valentine’s Day gift you can rest assured that you are selecting one of the best ways to show the special lady in your life how much you admire, appreciate and love her – today, tomorrow and forever.