The Meaning of Valentine´s Day and the Gift You Make

We all know about Valentine´s Day, secret love cards, hearts and flowers. We also know about the Christian priest and saints Valentinus. But what is the meaning behind all this? How did we end up celebrating love in February.
cupid angelsFirst fact, there were many early Christian martyrs named Valentine. Some of them, like Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terni were honoured on February 14. According to some historical evidences, Valentine of Rome was martyred in 269. Valentine of Terni, was martyred in 273. Until today, we are not quite sure which one we celebrate on February 14th. However, there is a third saint mentioned in the Catholic Encyclopaedia, under the date of today´s Valentine´s Day.
Fact number two – Even though we are not sure which one is our love saint, there are many legends created around this date. After all, we choose to celebrate love, the date is not that important. Every day can be Valentine´s Day.
Therefore, we are not going to observe its historical background any further, and certainly discuss in terms of its historical meaning. We are going to discuss it considering its today´s values and meaning. What that symbolic holiday means to us today? Is it the only day we think about showing love? And above all, how do we express love?
Valentine´s Day was meant for those in love, as well as those searching it. However, the latter are usually forgotten or marginalized on this date. If they are alone, it doesn´t mean they are incapable of loving. Love is universal, and not only meant for someone special. We can love sun, life, animals, ice-creams, friends, and have our own Valentine´s Day even if we are single.
Valentine´s Day is not the only day we show our love for someone, but certainly is the day when we do it differently. However, it is not enough to do something special for your loved one, and then wait until next year to remind him/her again how much you love him/her.Eternity Rose Gold
Unfortunately, we usually express our love with some materialistic items, buying cards, flowers, dinners or jewellery. A small sign of attention is ok, but spending your paycheck on I Love You is too much after all. Be sure to say these words every day, and do something that shows your love all year around.
After all, women typically look for a meaning behind these presents like: “He gave me a gift card? He doesn´t even care” or “He gave me chocolate? What a cliché!”. All of these questions and analyses lead to the ultimate question: “Does he really love me?” So there is no gift that is going to really say what you feel, unless you say it yourself.

giftOn the other hand, there could be a gift which can be close to saying that, and that is the gift you make, or the thing you do, something that requires your time, something that requires you being involved or incorporated somehow in that gift. Since you are the one he/she loves. This means that the gift doesn´t have to have materialistic values like some diamond jewellery or extravagant dinners. It needs to express care and sympathy. Therefore, if you decide on homemade dinner, it is the process that should be observed, even if you fail and order a pizza it is a statement of love – since you care about him/her so much you wouldn´t allow him/her to eat that. If you decide to make a gift, it doesn´t mean that you are stingy or poor, it means that you care enough to spend your precious time on the gift which will be a symbol of your love, considering all the interests and preferences of your significant other.
Sometimes, the gift with no materialistic value has the most sentimental value, and if our relationship is product of real love, these gifts will be appreciated more. People are beings who crave for attention, therefore a simple sign like breakfast in bed, a massage after a long day or a bath for two can be a way to say that you acknowledge Valentine´s Day as a celebration of love. If you on the other hand, expect the pricey gift and end up with empty hands don´t be desperate. It doesn´t mean that your love is non-existent and that he/she doesn´t care. Cherish the time they devote to you, the small signs of attention, their, earlier mentioned, pizza. Be patient, they will find their own ways to show their love, maybe on Valentine´s Day, maybe next day, maybe everyday.