Make This Valentine’s Day the Best One Yet

When it comes to finding Valentine gifts for a girlfriend, in fact any special woman for that matter, men can get a little stressed out. You’ve had all year to think about it, but still find yourself worrying because the day is just round the corner, and the perfect gift still hasn’t been found. You want to find an unusual Valentine’s gift but don’t know where to start. The female of the species doesn’t do it on purpose, but somehow men feel under a lot of pressure when it comes to buying a gift for Valentine’s, so let’s see if we can help.

Recommended Valentine’s Day Gifts For A Girlfriend

24k Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

gold rose
eternity rose

  • A natural rose dipped in 24 karat gold.
  • It perfectly combines the beauty of a rose and the majesty of fine gold.
  • Presented in an exquisite leather case, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Price: $169

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Red Glazed Rose Heart Pendant

eternity rose

  • A romantic heart-shaped pendant is decorated with 21 sparkling synthetic diamonds
  • Made from real red miniature rose petals trimmed with 24k gold.
  • A certificate of authenticity is included.

Price: $79

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Blue Matching Pendant and Earring Set

eternity rose

  • A gorgeous pendant and earring set, crafted from genuine blue miniature rose petals and pure 24k gold.
  • Decorated with 30 brilliant synthetic diamonds.
  • Protected by a lifetime guarantee supplied as standard.

Price: $149

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Tips on Making Valentine’s Day Romantic

You might not be the most romantic guy in the world normally, but on Valentine’s day research has shown that women want romance. More than flowers and chocolate, and expensive gifts. Unfortunately, romance isn’t something you can go and pick up off the shelf, and there isn’t a manual you can follow. Valentine’s Day is one day in the year, when the woman in your life will want to feel loved, so you need to think about getting in touch with your feminine side. Yes you’ve got one – everyone has.
A romantic Valentine’s Day won’t cost you a fortune, but it will need to be really special. So it’s time for you to take up the challenge and be her Heathcliffe for the day. Incorporate the following ideas into your Valentine’s celebration, and you’ll be well on the way to capturing her heart.

Take the day off or leave work early

Imagine your girlfriend waking up on Valentine’s morning, only to discover she hasn’t got to go to work. Talk to her boss and see if you can book the day off for her as holiday. And make sure you’re taking the day off as well. Plan a special day for the two of you, and whisk her off somewhere special. A day at the seaside, or walking in the countryside – topped off with a romantic picnic, just the two of you. If you can’t get the whole day off, then make sure you leave work early, as there will be a lot of preparation to do.

Gifts should be thoughtful

Many women love to receive extravagant gifts, but thoughtful gifts will definitely get the right response. It could be a special item of jewellery, some new perfume, or an exquisite gold dipped bloom from Eternity Rose. A Valentine’s gift for your girlfriend must show her that you care.
Plan with military precision – whatever you’re thinking of doing, precision planning will ensure that the event runs smoothly. Forget to book the taxi, or reserve a table and the evening will turn into a disaster.

Do something different

Try and do something different than last year, as well as finding her a present she’s not had before. When we say something different it doesn’t mean you can’t take her out to dinner, just book somewhere special, or try something new.
Be yourself – just be yourself, because it’s you that she loves. Don’t try and be someone you’re not, or you could find yourself with egg on your face.

Ideas for Valentine’s Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Valentiens Gift for girlfriendWhen trying to find the best Valentine’s gift for a girlfriend you need to consider at what stage you are in your relationship. A gift for the girlfriend of only a few weeks, will differ greatly from one that is for a girlfriend of many years. The longer your relationship, the more committed you should be to one another, so can consider more expensive and extravagant gifts. And don’t just take into consideration your feelings on the relationship, it’s how she views the relationship too. You might find yourself in a difficult situation if you’re thinking long term, while your girlfriend still considers your relationship new and uncharted territory.
Flowers are the most obvious choice for Valentine gifts for a girlfriend, and the most obvious flower is undoubtedly the red rose. This beautiful bloom has been associated with love and romance for centuries, and even the most modern woman won’t turn her nose up at a bouquet of red roses.
Another possibility is the gift of jewellery. But if you’ve only be dating a couple of weeks, try not to be tempted to buy her an expensive diamond ring. There are plenty of other more appropriate items of jewellery, so make your choice wisely. Save the diamond ring for the future when you’re looking for a Valentine’s gift for your wife.
Is your girlfriend the sort that spends hours getting ready to go out? Does she take great care of her appearance? Why not think about buying her some new cosmetics, fragrances or accessories? Or what about a new handbag? But choose wisely, as a handbag is a very important part of any outfit. It’s not just somewhere to store your mobile phone and purse. It should be a fashion statement, stylish and beautiful, even trendy.

Find the Perfect Gift for Your Valentine

blue matched setThe web is littered with online gift shops, so there is no end of ideas for the perfect Valentine gift for a girlfriend. You can spend hours trawling your way through thousands of pages, and still not come up trumps. Valentine’s Day is not traditionally known for exotic and costly gifts. On this day for lovers and partners, it is the thought that counts, every time. The gift you choose must be an expression of your feelings, not big but small, and a true indication of the depth of your love.
A cute token of your affection, such as a heart-shaped pendant, or sweet cuddly bear may be all that she’s looking to receive, so don’t try and go overboard. A basket full of health products, sweet smelling beauty products or some silky lingerie may also do the trick.
And what about chocolates or candy? Valentine’s Day is a great day for showering your girlfriend with heart shaped chocolates or sweets with little messages to say how much she means to you.
Perhaps she’d like something for her home. A small sculpture, statuette, vase, jewellery box, or picture frame could be right up there with the most expensive gift. And don’t forget to take your girlfriend out on a special date. Going out for dinner is pretty much old hat, so consider taking her to the movies, the theatre or to listen to some music.
The best gift of all will be for you to tell her how much you love her, so think how you can do it, and don’t be afraid to do in as many ways as you can.
Valentine’s Day has been celebrated for hundreds of years, by lovers all over the world. Make the next Valentine’s Day special for the one you love, and it could be the beginning of many more to come. You can bet your bottom dollar that she’s been looking for a Valentine’s gift for you, so don’t let your side down and make the day memorable for the love of your life. Because she’ll be trying to do the same for you.