Valentine´s Day Gift for the Girl Who Has Everything

Sometimes it can be hard to pick a gift for someone. It can be even harder to pick a gift for your significant other for Valentine´s Day. Especially, if your loved one has everything, or just about everything. Shopping for a perfect gift becomes a nightmare instead of act of love. Here are some items that you may add to your consideration if your girlfriend or wife has everything.

Shu Uemura X Maison Kitsuné Curious Eye-Catching Premium Make-Up Box

Every woman will love cosmetics. Even with the tons of makeup, she can still say she misses something, a perfect shade or item that would solve all her makeup problems. This makeup box is divine.  The two brands came together and made awesome offer for all their customers. First, the box includes everything that a woman might need. She will be delighted with this awesome gift, of course, if you want to spend $400 on a makeup.

Artis Elite Mirror White Velvet Brush Set

makeup brush set$160, and holder, $190
Besides makeup, or at least its visible side, women need their brushes to put that makeup on. Apparently, brushes are very important feature in makeup collection. These crazy-looking brushes can be a great gift. With these tools everything else can be set aside, and your special one will feel even more special using these items to apply her makeup. This ten-piece set includes brushes for liner, shadow, foundation, concealer, bronzer, powder, lipstick, and brows.

Amika Movos Wireless Styler

Most of women out there use hair stylers, curlers or straighteners. And you won´t make mistake buying her this awesome wireless styler, she can use anywhere and anytime. Every woman would be thrilled to get something like this – lovely, sleek and shiny hair all the time. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery, and offers 2 hours of full charge, enough time to do the hair styling.

Rebecca Minkoff Lightning Cable Bracelet

This cool item in James Bond style, is the one thing that everyone might need. At first, it is a plain, but chic gold plate bracelet. But as soon as you unclasp the cuff there is a coolest USB plug and charger we have ever seen. You can charge your iPhone, import or export files, and after you are done with it you can put it back on your hand and close the clasp, as it is just a simple bracelet.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Fireworks Limited Edition Bottle

There is never a mistake in buying her a perfume. However, this on may be special. This Flowerbomb with jasmine, orchid, and patchouli scent and in its specially designed fireworks battle is a hit, since both women and men find it extremely appealing.

Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer

$179phone book
Technology moved us further to future, either voluntarily or involuntarily. However, there is a gift for those who can´t resist going hand in hand with newest technological achievements, but who are secretly still old-school. This smartphone printer can make all their favourite pictures become tangible pieces of memory, to hang on the wall. It reminds of the old Polaroid cameras, and would be both romantic and unique way to save your best days together.

Arosha 18K Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver & Sapphire Coral Statement Ring

If you’re shopping for a woman who loves nature and sea, this might be a perfect gift. The organic shape of the ring as well as its rose gold-plated sterling silver base will make her want to wear it all the time. The coral-shaped form includes sapphires to provide an outstanding piece of jewellery. However, the ring can be customized. You can choose to have it in sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver, yellow gold plating, even solid 14K or 18K gold and even include other gemstones like those more appropriate to her month of birth.
Eternity Rose Gold

Glazed Rose Pendant in 24K Gold

Finally, cherry on the top – this unique gift will definitely say a lot about your love. You can order an awesome piece of jewellery, like this stylish pendant made with real miniature rose petals trimmed with pure 24 karat gold. Special miniature roses are grown in particular conditions, then preserved and dipped in gold, silver or platinum. You can also choose between blue, purple, white, red and pink roses. Every pendant or earring is made by nature, and helped by human ingenuity to make an ever-lasting and unique piece of art. With this great idea, you will never want to buy a plain rose again.