Buying Meaningful Engagement Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Whether it is your friends or your family who are entering into an engagement, you will of course be searching for meaningful engagement gifts to present to the happy couple. The giving of gifts to mark the occasion of an engagement goes back for generations, and is a time of great happiness and celebration in all cultures across the world. Of course, there are many traditions that accompany such an important rite of passage in any couple’s life, and you may want to consider involving some of these traditional ideas in your choice of engagement present.

Interesting Facts About the Traditions Surrounding Engagement

gifts for engagementMany of the traditions that surround engagement in American society today come from Jewish culture in the past, when a wedding ceremony would have two parts, the first part being a betrothal ceremony in which there would be a formal undertaking between the couple to promise themselves to each other in marriage.

The word fiancé actually comes from the French language, which in turn was from the Latin word “fier”, meaning faithful. The Romans also inspired the wearing of the engagement ring on the third finger of the left hand, as they believed that this finger was the beginning point of a vein which lead directly to the heart, although the exchange of engagement rings did not become popular until after 1477, when the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I gave one to his betrothed as a gift.

The lengths of engagement can last for different periods depending on the needs of the couple and the culture in which they live. In some parts of the world, the engagement and wedding take place on the same day, whereas in other cultures, the two ceremonies may be years apart. In historical times and in some countries, a couple may have been betrothed by their parents while still children, and will not then marry for several decades.

In America, it is unusual for the engagement period to last more than two years, with the majority of couples marrying between 13 and 16 months after first popping the question. Although traditionally the time of the engagement was spent with the man working to provide for his partner and building a home, today these concerns are no longer relevant, and often couples are older and already have homes of their own.

Traditional Engagement Gifts

In the past, the engagement was a deeply personal time, celebrated only by close family and the couple themselves. Traditional engagement gifts would include family heirlooms and trinkets belonging to previous generations, which may be either priceless or simply sentimental. Today, the engagement is often celebrated with a large party for family and friends, and gifts can range from the unusual to the traditional items for the couple’s future home together.

Personalized Engagement Present Ideas

A personalized gift is an excellent choice to mark the occasion of a couple’s engagement. Wine glasses, a photo frame, a decorative acrylic block, or a commemorative plate are all popular options which can easily be found online. Couples will cherish these deeply personal items and they will find them in pride of place in their home throughout their life together.

Choosing an Ideal Engagement Gift for Her

White glazed rose earrings as engagement gifsIf you want to buy something special for the lady in your life on the occasion of your engagement, of course the obvious choice is an engagement ring. If, however, you would prefer to choose a different item to prove to your partner how much you love her, why not consider a different type of jewelry?

A gorgeous real natural miniature rose, hand-glazed to perfection and trimmed with the purest 24 karat gold is the ideal way to show her how much you care. This unique engagement gift for her will be treasured for a lifetime and worn throughout your marriage as a beautiful token of this key moment in your lives together.

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Gift for Him

In these modern times, many brides-to-be like to buy a special token for their partner in return for their engagement ring. Of course, some women like to buy a reciprocal ring for their husband-to-be to mark the occasion, but others prefer to choose something a little more unusual. If you are searching for the perfect engagement gift for him, why not consider a subscription to his favorite magazine, a personalized key fob or engraved bottle stopper?

Engagement Gifts for the Home

If a couple are setting up home together for the first time, a good engagement present choice is something that will be useful or practical for their future life together. Bedding sets, mug sets, cutlery, or even matching egg cups make wonderful gifts that will be used and appreciated by the celebrating pair for many years to come, long after they are a happily married couple.