Valentine’s Day is Fast Approaching – Why Not be Creative?

For all you lovers out there we thought we’d share some creative Valentine’s ideas for her. Surprise that wonderful lady in your life with something you’ve made yourself, or something other than chocolates and flowers. Because let’s face it these are pretty much old hat. The ideas we’re about to share with you won’t take up a lot of your time, require you to spend loads of money, or waste your shoe leather walking through all the local shops. All you need to think about is what she likes and you’ll be able to make your own gift that will fit the bill. And you never know, you might actually enjoy creating your own special gift for her.

Simple and Creative Valentine’s Gifts for Her

  • Creative Valentine’s GiftsHomemade Glitter Jar – perfect for presenting a collection of chocolate hearts. Find an attractive vessel or an unusually shaped jar and get busy with the glitter. Coat the inside of the jar with some glue, and then just simply roll around some glitter. Turn it upside down, tap it a few times and all the excess will fall out. Be more creative by making different glitter shapes inside with the glue. If you’re planning to use more than one color let each one dry before adding another.
  • Jazz up some Denim – if you or your Valentine have a pair of old jeans lying around jazz them up by printing some red hearts on the knees. Fabric paint or screen printing ink will be the best thing to use. Don’t pick her favorite pair though, as such a heartfelt addition might not go down too well.
  • Make your own Fragrance – bet you’d never thought of making your own scent. And it’s really not that hard, if you can get hold of some scented oil then that will be perfect, otherwise you could pick some lavender or rose petals from the garden. You need to heat up some water and allow the steam to pass through the lavender. This steam then needs to condense and you can do this by collecting it in an ice cold container. And why not experiment with lots of different smells.
  • Surprise Cracker – a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day as it takes two people to open one. All you need are some paper tubes, loo rolls work great, some cracker snaps and colorful paper. Oh and not forgetting something to put inside as a gift, or it will be a surprise cracker.
  • Redeemable Homemade Tokens – this is a great idea to use inside the crackers, or just as a stand alone gift. So what kind of things can you put on your tokens? A hug, a kiss, back rub, massage, making dinner, washing the car, anything you want.
  • The Things I Love about You in a Jar – this is one of our favorite creative Valentine’s gifts for her, and it can work equally well for the man in your life too. You’ll need to find a cute little container, mini mason jars work pretty well. Write down lots of reasons you love your other half, and simply pop them in the jar. Add a few decorations, and one of your creative Valentine’s gifts is good to go.

Passion Busting Creative Valentine’s Gifts You Can Cook

happy valentines
Why not cook up a storm in the kitchen this Valentine’s Day, and create some tasty dishes you can both enjoy. Breakfast treats, heart shaped sandwiches, oysters, and sumptuous desserts. Here are a few ideas to tickle your taste buds, and hopefully your sweethearts as well.

  • Romantic Rose Cupcakes – the perfect centrepiece for your afternoon tea
  • Passion Cake – three sumptuous layers of sponge, filled with buttercream icing
  • Cherry Shortbread Hearts – easy to make biscuits with cherry filling
  • Beef and Ale Pie – a comforting classic, just like mum made
  • Treacle Tart Hearts – a sweet heart for your sweetheart, how romantic is that
  • Duck with Oriental Passion Fruit and Orange Sauce – the perfect treat to share

Time to get your apron on and get cooking. There is always the alternative of buying something in, but it’s not going to impress your lovely girlfriend or wife as much as something you’ve made yourself.

Share a Creative Experience This Valentine’s Day

One great way to be creative is give your sweetheart an experience that will be memorable. Why not use the day as an excuse to cross something off her bucket list? Or do something together that you’ve always longed to do. There are various experience sites that give you options for different occasions, wherever you might be in the USA or UK. And you’ll have no trouble finding one to suit your budget either. With prices from a few dollars to a couple of hundred.

  • Spa Treatments – why not both enjoy a relaxing spa day. Just lie back and relax and let the worries of the world drift away.
  • Cruise Dining – get yourselves away for the day and enjoy cruising the waterways, while tasting some magnificent food.
  • Makeover – even though she doesn’t need it, she definitely enjoy some pampering for the day.
  • Photoshoots – gather the family together, or make it just the two of you, and come home with some memorable images, that you’ll be wanting to put on the wall.
  • Scenic Flights – whether you’re in a helicopter of biplane the world takes on a whole new perspective when you view it from the air.
  • Balloon Rides – drift along on the breeze and have the world at your feet.
  • Personal Chef – you can both enjoy restaurant quality food in the comfort of your home.

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So as you can see, some of the best creative Valentine gifts for her aren’t going to leave a big hole in your bank balance, or require heaps of skill. The most important quality of any creative Valentine’s ideas for her, is that they’ve been made with love, and come straight from the heart.