Crazy Valentine´s Day Ideas – For Gifts and Celebration

Valentine´s day is not only about being romantic and sweet, it is so predictable. Try to have your woman remember why she fell in love with you in the first place. If it´s your humour, than do something to cheer her up after a long day at work, if it is your creative side, write her a song, draw a picture of you two together – even if you are not a great artist. She will find it hilarious, unique and brave. So stop being predictable! Do something unusual she won´t expect. Therefore, skip fancy dinners, jewellery stores, roses and chocolates and prepare to amaze. Offer her thrills, mystery and adventure instead!

Date Ideas

Eternity Rose GoldYou may have experienced many ordinary dates, you already moved in together or you have kids, so you quit dating. Wake up, take her/him out somewhere, anywhere you want, it can be the zoo, the concert, the museum, the art or cooking class, go ice-skating or salsa dancing. Something out of your ordinary routines, you don´t have to be particularly gifted for either activity, it is important that you let yourself act like you used to at the beginning of your relationship. Act goofy and laugh, be spontaneous.

Have a group date with your friends at your or someone else’s house

Call or arrange meeting with your friends. Split the duties. For example, if women cook usually, make men decide on the menu and the prepare dinner, and let the women organize games like charades or karaoke. It doesn´t have to be anything special. Just relax and don´t force it. If the party includes single friends, invite an even number of single friends of both sexes, maybe you can end up being Valentine´s Cupid. On the other hand, at least no one is going to be alone on Valentine´s Day.

Celebrate Valentine on a different day

Prices on restaurants or travels can really become expensive or too crowded on February 14th, so postpone your date night to the next night or next week, and spend it indoors doing nothing, and by nothing, I mean relaxing with a good movie and takeout food. The next day pamper your significant other with spa day or a reservation at a classy restaurant.

Have a cooking contest

Be creative and inspired and make delicious heart-shape dinner in private cook-off or against other couples. Don´t be scared to experiment, at least one of you will have a successful dinner you can eat. Bottom line, you can always order a takeout. The process is what matters. The process is what brings the joy. However, dirty dishes are not.

Buy a cheap flight to somewhere you’ve never been

There are airlines which offer some crazy low prices, and make Valentine’s Day as an excuse for a getaway with your significant other. Have in mind to check your schedules first and buy tickets to somewhere you´ve never been. Is it crazy and adventurous yet?

Gift Ideas

Make a DIY gift

If you are a creative and crafty type of person this can be easy, make her/him a goofy card or a wall decoration. But even if you are not, try a hand on websites which can offer a personalized present, books you can arrange introducing the love poems, love quotes or photographs that say something about your relationship. You can also write those poems alone, and if you are not gifted you can use generators and you will end up with unique and funny poems for your loved one.

Give an alternative bouquet – guys only

Women usually love and expect roses, and consider this is the symbol of love. However, surprise your girlfriend or wife with unusual bouquet – give her interesting potted flower, candy or, lately very popular, cupcake bouquet.

Send him/her unconventional card

dancing coupleSurprise him/her at work or at home by sending him/her one of those unconventional Valentine cards saying: “You suck less than most people“ or “You´re the one I text when I´m drunk. That´s love.“ Many people out there hate romantics and have realist view on this holiday, but this realist view may seem hilarious to those in relationship.

Buy something crazy

It can be an item which she or he needs on a daily basis – but add this crazy Valentine twist. For example you can buy The Headphone splitter, called Tunes for Two, a heart shape item with two sets of headphones, or buy a crazy toilet paper that says “I Love You from the Top to Bottom” which is equally romantic and hilarious.