Surprise Your Beloved with the Best Valentine’s Gift for Her

Wondering what to get for your wife or girlfriend this coming Valentine’s Day? Struggling to decide which of the myriad of gifts will make her gooey eyed? Trying to decide on the best Valentine’s gift for her can be quite an undertaking there’s no denying. Traditionally it’s always been a dozen red roses that were the order of the day, but this sort of gift has become a little cliche. It’s good to realise that it’s the thought that counts for the modern thinking lady. The price tag of your gift bears no importance at all. The vital quality of a top Valentine’s gift for her is that you put a lot of thought into finding the most perfect gift. Pick presents that will mean something to her, and that are connected with the things she likes doing.

Best Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Her

Red Glazed Rose Heart Pendant

Red glazed heart pendant

  • A romantic heart-shaped pendant is decorated with 21 sparkling synthetic diamonds
  • Made from real red miniature rose petals trimmed with 24k gold.
  • A certificate of authenticity is included.

Price: $79

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Blue Matching Pendant and Earring Set

Blue jewelry set in leaf theme

  • A gorgeous pendant and earring set, crafted from genuine blue miniature rose petals and pure 24k gold.
  • Decorated with 30 brilliant synthetic diamonds.
  • Protected by a lifetime guarantee supplied as standard.

Price: $149

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White Glazed Rose Earrings

White glazed rose earrings in 24k gold

  • Natural white miniature rose petals.
  • Each is encrusted with 16 beautiful synthetic diamonds.
  • These pretty earrings include a lifetime warranty.

Price: $79

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Top Valentine’s Gifts Don’t Have to Cost the Earth

valentine dayIt doesn’t matter where you are in your relationship, whether you’re new sweethearts or long term lovers. Some of the simplest and inexpensive Valentine’s gift ideas for her will show her that you care. One single red rose, with a note that expresses your feelings for her will be far better received than the biggest bunch of roses, if they come without a sentimental message. Another romantic idea is to leave post-it notes dotted around your home, each with their own sweet message to your loved one.
The love of your life will think more of a gift that has been thought about, rather than one that just needed you to dip into your wallet. Your special lady wants you to show her how much you think about her and that she’s truly cherished. All it takes is a little bit of thought. Do your homework and you’ll find a top Valentine’s gift for her that she’ll adore.
Still feel a little bit challenged? Here’s a few helpful suggestions.

Romantic Movie

It’s OK to admit that chick flicks aren’t really your thing. But this Valentine’s make a special sacrifice and sit through one of those romantic movies with her. There are plenty to choose from but here’s a few examples, just in case you haven’t been paying attention to the things she likes to watch. Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Love Actually are 3 shining examples of the kind of movies that will have her teary eyed. A box of popcorn, and a cup of hot cocoa, and she’ll soon realise how much you love her.

Romantic Dining Experience

Dining isn’t all about spending time in a fancy restaurant. You can dine in style in your own home. And if you’ve gone to the trouble of making the meal yourself, well it goes without saying that you’ll be the man of her dreams. If your culinary skills are a little rusty breakfast in bed will be a simple treat. Strawberries and whipped cream, together with a glass of champagne each. What a great way to start the day.

An Eternity Rose

There is a way you can give her flowers, without the worry of them quickly fading. The Eternity Rose company have perfected a way of dipping a single rose bloom in a precious metal, preserving the beauty for ever. You can even get the stem engraved with a few well chosen words for the ultimate in Valentine’s gifts for her.

A Special Message in a Bottle

She’ll soon be adrift in the sea of love, with a heartfelt message in its own bottle. Shells and sand all included in the price. All you need to do is come up with some suitable words.

A Relaxing Spa Treatment

These have become a very popular gift idea for both men and women. This Valentine’s pack your lady off to the spa for the day. Who knows she might appreciate it if you tag along too. Massages and any number of other relaxing treatments are the perfect way to unwind and forget about the world. Even if it’s just for a few hours.

Presentation is Everything for the Best Valentine’s Gift for Her

Best Valentine’s Gift for HerIt’s not just the gift itself that will make this Valentine’s Day special for your partner. How you present the gift matters as well. You have to think about the detail, not just the present itself. If you’re not very handy when it comes to wrapping presents, then give your Valentine’s gift for her in a decorated box. Matchboxes work perfectly for those tiny trinkets, and are really easy to add detail. How about personalising your gift with a homemade tag? Polymer clay is perfect for all kinds of shapes, but a heart will be the most appropriate. Add a few words before the shape goes hard, and don’t forget about a hole to add some ribbon.
And what about wrapping paper, when there’s so many different styles to choose from? If you can’t find something suitable then make your own. Buy some plain white or brown paper and customise it with printed hearts. If wrapping paper or a box just won’t suit the perfect gift you’ve found then there’s always a cute little bag. Buy one or better still make one yourself and decorate with some ribbon and of course the obligatory heart.

Finding a top Valentine’s gift for her can be as easy or as difficult as you want to make it. But the more effort you put into choosing that special gift, the more joy it will bring to the lady in your life. Just keep in mind all the things she loves doing, her own unique taste and values. Bear these in mind and you’re well on the way to giving her a gift she’ll treasure. There are hundreds of gift sites online, and when Valentine’s Day is drawing near, the shops are full with hearts and flowers. There’s no end of options for the caring husband or boyfriend to choose from. So don’t fall into the trap of leaving it till the last minute. Because all the special and unusual gifts will be gone.